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G&S + House of Scorpio tickets & membership

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event tickets

  • Sun, September 20, 2020 3:00 PM
    Virtual via Zoom

HoS MEMBERSHIP sign-up instructions

Select your desired membership level and click "next" to set up a profile. Please note that, like the events themselves, certain  levels require approval prior to activation. Already have it? Sign up with the same email you use for the HoS email list, and we'll verify your status and activate your membership within 48 hours. Not approved yet? follow instructions here. We strongly recommend doing that before signing up.

***While you can set up your personal and payment info prior to getting approved, your membership won't be activated until after. However: payments will still go through, since PayPal operates independently of our member management system. There are no refunds for these payments if you choose not to go through the approval process, as you are still utilizing the limited capacity of the system. YES, you can also sign up for monthly payments without ever getting approval as a way to support us financially through the pandemic crisis (and thank you!).***

Once activated, memberships are in effect immediately and renew on the 1st of each month thereafter. Your first payment will apply for the month your membership is activated, regardless of the date (i.e. if you sign up on the 21st of the month, your payment & membership apply to that month). You can reserve member tickets immediately, and you will get charged again on the 1st of the following month.

The system doesn't require a minimum time commitment, but we ask for three months as a courtesy.

You can manage your membership and ticket reservations through logging in here or via the Wild Apricot iOS app.


For each level below, the named events are either FREE or are available to the member at the price listed. Most of our events are monthly, but some are at longer intervals. You can find the full list of ongoing events on our "upcoming" page. Discounts apply to virtual as well as in-person attendance.

No approval required:

Buddy, $5/mo: Taste The Rainbow + 25% off: Lip Service ($15), Femme Flirt ($15), Pajama Lounge ($15)

Friend, $15/mo: Taste The Rainbow + Lip Service + Femme Flirt + Pajama Lounge 

Approval required:

Friend with benefits, $25/mo: everything above + 50% off: Bedroom Badass ($10-20), Sex Lit/Rated Sex/Sex Bingo ($10)*, Countdown or BYOKink ($20)

Lover, $35/mo: everything above + Bedroom Badass (unless*) + 75% Countdown or BYOKink ($10) + 50% off Saints & Sinners ($15) + 30% off Eros ($35)

Paramour, $45/mo: everything above + Countdown + BYOKink + Saints & Sinners + 50% off Eros ($25)*

Life partner, $55/mo: everything we produce year-round

*Co-produced events, where 50% goes to our producing partners

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